17 november 2017

H e l l o F r i d a y - My take on a modern version of the Art Deco style

How to create an e-design and a post about an upcoming interior trend that I know hardly anything about? I've actually had to google the clear difference between Art Deco and Art Nouveau. Just being honest here... But it is when I step out of my comfort zone that I start to learn, find new brands and styles and actually feel challenged to make something unique.
These lamps of thin wired metal are a dream. They are very large size and will be an amazing sculpture in any room. The other lamp is more a art gallery piece but I had to share it. What's not to love right? And this style has won me over with find of the poster. Found it on Juniqe created by a Brazilian product designer called Rodrigo Pinheiro. It's Venus having a moment with a milkshake. I like humour in an interior and this brings just that.

Zelda art deco wallpaper mural | Venus Chillout poster via Juniqe | Vibia wireflow lamp | Bolia sofa Grace | Guéridon U object by Granville Gallery

15 november 2017

#SEASONSGIFTGUIDES No6: Suitable for Christmas as well as the rest of the year

Last year we visited Oslo early December to catch up with family and soak up the Scandinavian Christmas atmosphere. One of the shops that curates a beautiful collection and has an inspirational atmosphere is Bolina. You can visit this shop online but when in Oslo to take the trouble to go here (in Stabekk) as it is very much worth the effort. To stay in the Scandinavian atmosphere I've looked at brands I have loved ever since I had my own online shop already six years ago and that fit well in the Bolina style.

Bohemian all seeing eye ornament | Walther and Co Hanging Ferm leaf | Sirius Home Star via Bolina | Decorative cushion Pine no Whine by House of Rym | Hanging adventure mobile by House of Rym 

14 november 2017

K i d s T u e s d a y - An adventure room with a crisp clean Scandinavian look

During our series of #SEASONGIFTGUIDES filled with gift inspirations for the holiday season we still will stick to our Kids Tuesday and our Hello Friday. 
So it is time for another fun kids room inspiration. 

This time I've gone for the monochrome (still very much an existing trend), clean Scandinavian look with a Outdoor mountain cabin feel. The wallpaper with a grey tone on a feature wall gives a good starting point. If floors still need to be layed I'd go for a dark wood colour for a wood cabin feel. A comfortable rug will make sure you leave your bed with an instant warm and fussy feeling at your feet. Invest in quality and style like for instance the choice for this Rafa Kids teen bed. 

Wallpaper Terrazzo by Ferm Living | Wool rug with geometric print by Zara Home | HK Living rope lamp | Round face cushion by Sissy-Boy Homeland | Tree Hoppers Toys landscape blocks | Tree Hopper Toys alphabet wall art | Rafa Kids A90 teen bed | Liewood bedding Indiana

Again a cute room idea I am very excited about. If you would like some help with your room let me know. And if you decide to take this look on board do sure you share the results on social media with #lillelykkeblog or drop me an email. I can't wait to see it.

13 november 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No4: Splurge on items that may become a keepsake treasure

Let's continue this #seasonsgiftguides as I feel I am on a roll. But to make sure I don't loose my Hello Friday and Kids Tuesday friends I will post these gift guides on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. So many blog posts to look forward to in the coming month. For this gift guide I've looked at neutral colours, pretty items you can treasure and blushing colour accents. Hope you love it.

Maileg Guardian hero mouse (comes in a suitcase) | Donsje Amsterdam bear pouch | Lucie Kaas clown rose | Check Ivory Small House cushion by Camomile London | Le Tigre art print by Rylee and Cru | Liewood bedding light grey with paper plane print | House Doctor poof via Hus & Hem shop

9 november 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No3: Christmas decor for kids that will make your heart melt

Did you make plans to create a little advent calendar for the kids? Always good fun but what to get right? I have come across some really cute items for Christmas in the kids collections. And many of them can still be used in the days after Christmas for some fun play or decor in the kids room.

OyOy MINI Sweet Pretzel Cushion | OyOy MINI Christmas mobile | Maileg Christmas Angel Mouse in Stocking | IKEA Christmas baking shapes | IKEA Christmas Stråla LED bear lamp | Meri Meri reindeer trophy | Elf on the shelf (a must have for memorable Christmas traditions)

 - Do you have items you wish to suggest for our next gift guide please leave a comment below -

8 november 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No2: Escape the ordinary and reach for the stars

Let the countdown for the festive season begin. And with international online shopping we need to take some shipping time into account. Smaller shops with the most original best gifts also need the time to keep up with orders. So I cannot stress enough... if you want something unique, get in there now.

The first gift guide was a bit girls orientated. So I could not leave out the boys (being a boys mum myself) so here is one for them. This gift guide has some of my favourite brands and designers as well as some new discoveries. It is very much astronaut, constellation, stars orientated. When it comes to kids this helps them feed their imagination and allows them to dream about big BIG adventures. It gives an adventurous yet sweet theme to a room.

To the moon embroidery ring by Silly et Billy | Roxy Marj custom made name pennants | Numero 74 stars garland | Heptic lab constellation quilt via Norman & Jules | Astronaut bedding by SNURK via Coockoland | Meri Meri space clothes transfers via Melijoe | Galaxy Rocket Adventure cape by Seedling | Wood and Yarn toys balancing game via Etsy

 - Do you have items you wish to suggest for our next gift guide please leave a comment below -

7 november 2017

#SEASONGIFTGUIDES No1: A double the fun start for the holiday season gift guides

Is it too early to start with suggestions for the Christmas stockings? No I think you need to gather and collect ideas all year long. And we in the Netherlands also have Sinterklaas on the 5th of December as an added bonus. So there can never be enough ideas and suggestions for gifts if you ask me.

We took our boys to a toy shop this weekend to get an idea of that they are looking for. Unfortunately there is no soul in the toys sold there. I am sure there will be joy as a result of them but those toys will not make my gift guide. Here is what did make it to start with.

Maileg dollhouse with furniture | Numer 74 Luna Starwand | Jess Brown & Atsuyo Et Akiko Le Start Tutu handmade doll | Crane art print by Rifle paper and co | Silly&Billy embroidery frame | Pompon Petillant coluillage cushion 


24 oktober 2017

K i d s T u e s d a y - A modern designer jungle room

What happens when you combine romance with a bit of jungle toughness and bold colours... you get this amazing jungle themed girls room. My hands are itching so if anyone needs to have this let me know.

My starting point was a completely different wallpaper. When I came across this romantic framed tiger it was exactly what I was looking for to give the room the surprise factor. Graceful tigers wearing a little crown. What more do you need to make a girl happy.

From there I've looked at combining fabric materials in the accessories and choose some bold colours. After all my motto is 'Go bold, choose special and combine'.

Pillowcase flowers by Castle and Things | Pillow case butterscotch velvet by Castle and Things | Tilt floor lamp orange Faces by Colonel | Cheetah tufted rug by Aelfie | Smarties velvet pillows by Mushkane | Wallpaper Wild at Heart by Spoonflower

15 oktober 2017

What caught my eye on Pinterest - week 41

It's October and by the way I am selecting colours on Pinterest you can tell we are headed towards she shorter days of winter. I am looking at deep dusty tones and fun accents of blush pink. Not looking for trends, just for what combines well and makes my heart skip a beat. I hope you are looking forward to winter just as much as I am. Want to see more of the images like above or find these in my feed... click here.

13 oktober 2017

H e l l o F r i d a y - Some seriously good kitchen goals

For years and years the kitchen was a place that had to be functional. Ok, there was a choice of coloured door fronts and if you were adventurous you may have taken a coloured back splash. But still a kitchen was a kitchen and function was the main priority. If I would redesign a kitchen I would go about it completely different. Of cours function is still important but a kitchen is often the heart of a home. So it needs style!! There are some of my kitchen goals.
Ceiling lamp Gentile Oro by Masca | Metal decoration hanger by Madam Stoltz via Deens | Retro ceiling lamp by Madam Stoltz via Deens | Casa petal blush tiles by marrakechdesign | Kohler Purist Matte black kitchen sink faucet | Serax brown tableware